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How Can I Help?

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Hypnotherapy can be used to help you over come fears and Phobias. Hypnotherapy is also beneficial in dealing with past traumas that are still effecting you to this day.

Using hypnosis techniques I can help you find calmer, happier way to live your life. Giving you more control.


Reiki is all about healing with energy. Energy healing can help with anxiety, fatigue and help promote harmony and balance in the body and mind. Reiki is also know to help with pain management. 

NLP & Coaching

NLP is changing the way you perceive the world so that you can live a life without limiting beliefs. NLP & coaching can help you find more happiness in your everyday life that can lead to you having more successes in your future.

All therapies can be done both face to face and virtually.

10 % of all payments go to charity

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